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Below, I wrote about Erick Erickson of RedState, and his criticisms of the new Republican Pledge — which “the liberal media” (pardon the crudity, but the phrase is convenient) have been going to town on. Have been quoting lovingly and happily. I asked whether these “MSM” types would be willing to listen to Erick when he’s evaluating Obama, Reid, etc. And I said, “I am all for reading and quoting Erick Erickson, our brother in conservatism. It’s the selectivity that’s irksome. (I bet it’s irksome to him, too.)”

He writes to me, “You are damn right it is irksome. . . . I’ve been invited on a slew of TV shows this week to talk about the Pledge and have declined every single invitation, which kind of stinks because they are cast as invitations to promote my new book.” Erick goes on to explain that he said what he thought, about the Pledge. And he doesn’t wish to be a pet for those who wish the Republicans and conservatives ill. (The only pet we know is Candidate Coons, for Senator Reid!)

I don’t know about refusing those invitations. But I know this: Erick Erickson is a rare man. His new book, incidentally, is Red State Uprising, found here.


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