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IRS Adviser Admits Question Was Planted

And the worst-kept secret in Washington is secret no more: Lois Lerner’s apology was part of a staged PR campaign. Celia Roady, tax lobbyist and former member of the IRS Advisory Council on Tax-Exempt Entities, who asked the question that spurred the “spontaneous” apology that got this all rolling, says:

On May 9, I received a call from Lois Lerner, who told me that she wanted to address an issue after her prepared remarks at the ABA Tax Section’s Exempt Organizations Committee Meeting, and asked if I would pose a question to her after her remarks.  I agreed to do so, and she then gave me the question that I asked at the meeting the next day.  We had no discussion thereafter on the topic of the question, nor had we spoken about any of this before I received her call. She did not tell me, and I did not know, how she would answer the question.

Pro tip: If you want something to look spontaneous, don’t call reporters first


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