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IRS Chief: ‘Absolutely Not Illegal’ for IRS to Target Groups

Acting IRS commissioner Steven Miller said that the agency’s actions in singling out tea-party and conservative groups were “absolutely not illegal” at the House Ways and Means Committee hearing todayAfter giving that opinion in response to a question from Representative Tom Price (R., Ga.), Miller asked the congressman to be more specific about what behavior he was referring to.

“Do you believe that it is illegal for employees of the IRS to create lists to target individual groups and citizens in this country?” Price said.

“I think that the Treasury inspector general indicated that it might not be, but others will be able to tell that,” Miller responded.

“What do you believe?” interjected Price. 

“I don’t believe it is,” Miller answered, but then rushed to clarify that, “I don’t believe it should happen. Please don’t get me wrong, it should not happen.”

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