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Is It Hypocrisy?

The Lincoln Project, a collection of former Republican political advisers who are opposed to Trump, recently created an ad tying Trump to the Confederate “Flag of Treason.”

Rick Wilson, one of the principals of the group, has been outspoken on the point.


Soon, the only place you’ll see the traitor’s flag of the loser Confederacy flown is at @realDonaldTrump rallies.

— Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) June 10, 2020

The ad campaign got a lot of positive press. But, a little Internet sleuthing showed that Wilson has posted pictures to Instagram featuring a cooler with the Confederate Flag and the words “The South Will Rise Again” on the top.

Wilson is an abrasive Twitter personality, often going after Trump supporters in scatological and sexual terms. And I don’t begrudge a few people enjoying the mini-scandal these pictures generate.

But, I wonder if “hypocrisy” is the right word for someone of this profession. Do we accuse whores of a lack of constancy and fidelity? Or do we just accuse people of doing their job?

The profession may always exist, but we need to recognize what it is: manipulating credulous low-information voters and credulous high-dollar donors to behave in certain ways. People who aren’t as suggestible as those two groups don’t have to take any of it seriously.


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