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An Islam of Their Very Own II – Now See How This Works?

In response to Maggie and Me

As Jim notes below, various news outlets are now reporting that Tashfeen Malik, the female jihadist involved in the San Bernardino terrorist attack on Wednesday, pledged allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIS) while the attack was ongoing. Both she and her husband, co-jihadist Syed Rizwan Farook, may also have had contact with – or at least been “inspired by” – al Qaeda figures overseas.

For the reasons explained in my post earlier today (An Islam of Their Very Own … Cont’d), investigating agents will now heave a sigh of relief because this means their superiors will probably give them the green-light to call the terrorist attack a terrorist attack.

Understand: nothing in the real world has changed between Wednesday and this morning: The terrorist attack was ignited by Islamic supremacist ideology, a mainstream interpretation of Islam drawn directly and literally from Muslim scripture. So the attack was a terrorist attack when it was happening, it was a terrorist attack yesterday when the government would not acknowledge that fact, and it is a terrorist attack now.

But in the government’s parallel universe, everything has changed. The agents now apparently have a provable tie between the San Bernardino jihadists and both ISIS and al Qaeda. Because the government has decreed that ISIS and al Qaeda are non-Islamic (even anti-Islamic), it will now be permissible to call the attack terrorism.

Islam is peace and cannot trigger terrorism, so we can’t call mass-murder committed by Muslims “terrorism.” But ISIS/al-Qaeda are anti-Islam because they commit violence. Therefore, now that Farook and Malik are ISIS/al-Qaeda, they are anti-Islam, so we can safely call their attack “terrorism.”

Got it?


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