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Islamists Hurl Abuse at British War Heroes

The Daily Mail has published sickening pictures of Islamist militants aggressively taunting a homecoming parade of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans marching through the center of Luton, near London. The soldiers, from the 2nd Battalion Anglian Regiment, had just returned to the U.K. from southern Iraq and the battlefields of Helmand Province in Afghanistan, where twelve of their comrades had died in combat.

The hate-filled protesters held placards that included: “Anglian Soldiers: Butchers of Basra,” “Coward Killers,” and “British Government, Terrorist Government.” The Mail quotes Sayful Islam, leader of the Luton branch of the banned al-Muhajiroun organization as saying:

The anger has been rising. The parade was the final insult. They have killed, maimed and raped thousands of innocent people. They can’t come here and parade where there is such a Muslim community. What do they have to be proud of?

These revolting pictures and inflammatory statements are a disturbing reminder of the scale of the Islamist threat in Britain today, and sadly incidents like this are becoming all too common on the streets of British cities. Let’s hope we never see this kind of scene repeated on the streets of America.

It’s about time that Muslim leaders in the U.K. actually took a stand and denounced en masse extremists like this, as well as pay tribute to the sacrifice of British forces fighting for the cause of liberty and freedom in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. They should also acknowledge that Great Britain and the United States have together done more to defend Muslims from oppression than any nations on the face of the earth. That is a record to be hugely proud of, and all due to the sacrifice of British and American armed forces.

Nile Gardiner is the director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at the Heritage Foundation.


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