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Iran Tested a Ballistic Missile by Shooting it at a Star of David

The headline says it all, as crazy as it sounds. On Wednesday, Israel released satellite imagery of the test site, which seems to include a Jewish star, to the United Nations.

The Iranians could not be clearer in their intentions. In March of 2016, Iran tested ballistic missiles carrying the message “Israel must be wiped out.” The kicker: They inscribed the message in Hebrew, kindly allowing all Israelis to read it. On Monday, Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran, took to his English-language Twitter account to call upon all Muslims to fight Israel: “Today the fight against the Zionist regime is wajib (obligatory) and necessary for Muslims. Why do some evade this duty?” he asked innocently.

The Supreme Leader can ask that question because he knows that he has not shirked his duty to help destroy Israel. As Abu Marzouk, the deputy chairman of Hamas’ political bureau, told Al-Aqsa TV in 2016, “The support offered by Iran to the Palestinian resistance — be it in logistics, training or funds — is unmatched and beyond the capabilities of other countries.” All this Iranian generosity is of course used by Hamas to kidnap and murder Israelis. No less impressive is Iranian support for Hezbollah, which indiscriminately fired about 4,000 rockets at Israel during the 2006 war, and launched terror attacks against Jews around the world. Since then, Iran has resupplied Hezbollah, which now boasts around 150,000 rockets aimed at Israel.

But if all of that was too subtle for you — or more likely, for the international relations experts who cavalierly claim that Israel could very well “deter” a nuclear-armed Iran — the Iranians have just now launched a ballistic missile into a Jewish star they made in the sand.

The Iranians keep telling us what they want to do. If we don’t listen, that’s on us.


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