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Krauthammer’s Take: Sunni States Ready for Peace with Israel but ‘Hostage to the Palestinians’

Pointing to recent comments from Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, Charles Krauthammer argued that Sunni Arab states are ready to make peace with Israel, but that the Palestinians are holding up any potential deal:

What is interesting about el-Sisi’s answer on that, he was essentially saying the Arab states, after 70 years, are ready for a deal. They really are tired of the Palestinians — he won’t say this, but this is the truth — and of course, the big threat is not Israel to the Sunni Arabs. It is Iran. They are prepared to make peace tomorrow, but they are hostage to the Palestinians. Did you hear what el-Sisi said? He said, “We are talking with the Palestinians, the second and the third generation,” meaning here we are 60, 70 years later after the initiation of the conflict trying to convince the Palestinians that they need to live in peace with the other. That’s the core of the conflict. The Arab states are ready to go. The Palestinians are not. They have not accepted the idea of dividing the land. In the absence of that, they cannot make peace. I don’t think that Trump can pull a rabbit out of a hat. It is all up to the persuasive powers of the Arab states to somehow bring the Palestinians aboard. I think, and I’m sure el-Sisi thinks, the Palestinians aren’t ready. There is no evidence that they are. And if the Palestinians aren’t, this will go nowhere.

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