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WATCH: Video Debunks Claim That Israelis Purposely Disrupt Palestinian Life in the West Bank

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz recently traveled to the West Bank to explore the accusation that Israeli check points across the region disrupt Palestinian daily life. Horowitz and his crew drove hundreds of miles across the West Bank in a Palestinian car with a Palestinian driver and they were never stopped. 

In the video, Horowitz interviews Palestinians at the border with Israel, asking them how long it takes to get across. The answer from those featured in the video? About ten minutes. They admit that it takes just one minute when it’s their turn to go through the border. 

The video then features a split screen shot of the West Bank–Israeli border and the U.S.–Mexico border to showcase how many more cars get through the check point in the former over the same time period. In the short demonstration, seven cars pass the West Bank border in the time that zero cars pass the U.S. border. 

In Horowitz’s experience, it appears that Palestinians have few issues crossing borders or being subjected to internal checkpoints. 


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