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Is It 2008 Yet? Or Even 7?

As the RGA meets in Florida, the DNC today sent out a anti-Romney press release:

WASHINGTON, Nov. 29 /U.S. Newswire/ — Even as he is being lambasted by his fellow Republicans going into a three day Republican Governors’ Association meeting in Miami, Florida, RGA Chairman Mitt Romney is not hiding from his presidential ambitions. Today the Washington, DC based political journal Roll Call reported that Romney has hired a press aide to House Majority Leader John Boehner and former aide to disgraced former Republican Leader Tom DeLay to be a spokesperson for his presidential exploratory committee. The news came as another political publication, The Hill, reported that Romney’s poor decision-making in the final stretch was a “bitter pill” for Republican operatives in red states whose “candidates received little financial help from the governors’ association and went on to lose by stunning margins.” The Republican operatives “said the association could have done more with its record-breaking war chest early on, when they were more competitive.” Adding insult to injury, as the Boston Globe reported recently, Romney directed the “largest contributions” as RGA Chairman to “three states that are key to any presidential run.” (Roll Call, 11/29/06; The Hill, 11/29/06; Boston Globe, 10/1/06)

Under Romney’s RGA leadership, Democrats went on to win a majority of governorships in the November elections by knocking off an additional six Republican governors and not losing a single incumbent Democratic governor.

“It seems Mitt Romney’s ambitions can’t keep up with his responsibilities,” said Democratic National Committee spokesman Luis Miranda. “After failing at the RGA, if Romney thinks the road to the White House begins by hiring the same failed leadership that cost Republicans the House and Senate, then he clearly has not learned the lessons of this year’s elections.”

You may recall that the DNC sent out an anti-McCain release to coincide with exploratory-committee news:

“If the reports are correct, we welcome John McCain to the race,” said DNC Communications Director Karen Finney. “The question is, which McCain is running: the McCain who called right wing extremists like Jerry Falwell an evil influence, or the McCain who spoke at Liberty University as he attempted to cater to the far right in advance of a presidential run? Or the McCain who opposed overturning Roe vs. Wade or the McCain who said he would support South Dakota’s ban? As an opportunist who supports the Bush Administration’s failed policy in Iraq and changed his mind on tax cuts, a woman’s right to make her own decisions about her health care, and campaign finance reform, it’s hard to tell which John McCain will enter the race.”

But so far they’ve sent out their longest one on Rudy.

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