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Is It August Yet?

A source forwards me a somewhat amusing conversation Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz had with some younger Democratic aides in which the Democratic National Committee chairwoman complained about having to work on a Thursday.

The conversation took place on Instagram on Sunday. Joanne Peters, a press secretary at Health and Human Services, posted an image of this week’s weather report, which showed temperatures in the upper 90s for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and a high of 101 degrees for Thursday.

“And of course we’re in session on Thursday. #head #desk” commented Wasserman Schultz under her online moniker, “dwstweets.” Her remarks, viewable only to Peters’ Instagram “followers,” were referring to the House being in session that day.

The weather in D.C. during the summertime can be rather unbearable, but I wonder how Wasserman Schultz, whose partisanship tends to be fairly militant, might react at a Republican complaining about having to endure a weekday in the Capitol. She previously ripped the GOP reign as the “do nothing-est of the do nothing Congresses” for not being in session enough. 

To be fair, Wasserman Schultz’s reputation around town is that she’s something of a workaholic who miraculously balances her family life with a punishing schedule. “I don’t know how she does it, to be honest with you,” her husband Steve told Vogue for a 2012 profile. “She can work without a lot of sleep—three or four hours a night. She’s constantly working even when she’s not working.”

Jonathan Beeton, a spokeswoman for Wasserman Schultz said his boss was “commenting on the fact that we’re in the middle of a heat wave and it’s 15 degrees warmer here than in her Florida district, where she also works.” Screencap after the jump.



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