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It Could Be a Long Election Night

Edison Media Research will be doing the exit polling Tuesday for the networks. Their president, Larry Rosin, has this to say election night coverage:

“As of this writing (only a few days before the election) we believe that the chances of a definitive “call” for who will be the president by 2 am Eastern Time is a 50/50 chance at best. There is a significant chance that we won’t know who won by noon on Wednesday, November 3rd. There is a small but quite real chance we won’t know who won for weeks”

The article is a handy guide for how to watch the election. Among other things, it includes this handy guide for poll closing times/Electoral College votes:

7:00 PM – 58 Electoral Votes

7:30 PM – 40 EVs

8:00 PM – 171 EVs

8:30 PM – 6 EVs

9:00 PM – 159 EVs

10:00 PM – 20 EVs

11:00 PM – 81 EVs

1:00 AM – 3 EVs

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