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It Is Good to Remember


Hope all is well at “the”, uh I mean “NRO”.

Was watching Survivor: Palau (I admit it!) earlier tonight with the lovely Mrs. Wiffler, and couldn’t help remember why I recognized the name “Palau”.

It was the site of the battle of Peleliu in 1944. Maybe you could take a look at these links and consider if they might warrant a link on the Corner. It would be nice if people knew about the eight Marines who earned the Medal of Honor for their actions there. If you take a few minutes to read them, their stories are quite moving, and are fading into lost memory.

I had to catch myself from wondering if, 60 years from now, we’ll tune into Survivor: Fallujah.

Semper fi,

Maj. Jerry Wiffler

See here and here.