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It Makes the World Go ’Round

Yes, Love does, as Ann-Margaret sang. But for our purposes today, as we advocate for your participation in NR’s 2019 Spring Webathon, which seeks to raise $175,000 (and more if possible) to help your favorite conservative magazine and website battle socialism, and defend freedom and free markets, we’ll opt for Cabaret’s claim that money makes the world go ’round.

So the effort – explained here in detail – having been launched, many have already responded, both with currency and comment. Such as:

  • Good old Peter! He sends NR $1,000 and an attending brief call to arms: “Now is the time …” Indeed it is. Heed him! Many thanks.
  • And then Michael — Good old Michael! — matches the grand. Zowie. And the does his best George Gipp imitation: “Give ’em one for WFB!” Given. This is wonderful.
  • Chris forks over a sorely needed $200 and explains why: “We must stand tall with those who believe in freedom.” You’ve inspired us Chris: We’re on our tippy toes here. God bless.
  • Make way for sweet Marilyn, who sends along a General Grant and a seconding of our motion: “Dear friends, This article is not just about NR asking for donations. It also provides vital information about the dangers this country faces from the growing love affair many of our uninformed citizens have with the idea of socialism which is being pushed so vigorously by the left and their lapdog media. Politicians have a lot to gain from this ideology. Through bigger government the wealthy and politically connected elite gain enormous power over ordinary Americans. This article will shed critical light on the increasing dangers our country faces right now.” Love you! love you!
  • Andy spots us $25 and shares a brief history of when he first fell in love . . . with NR: “Since reading a copy of NR in the library of Pioneer Valley Regional HS in 1977, I’ve been a fan. Keep up the good work!” We love hearing that sort of stuff. Thanks Andy, and for the contribution too.
  • Finally, that Anonymous sends NR $200 and challenges fellow readers of this website: “You want to sock Socialism in the face? Great, I’ll give you a couple hundred bucks for that, and encourage anybody reading this to do the same. Ante up, folks, the Left will try to take it away from you if we don’t all band together and give it to great causes like NRO!” Anon, we love how you think! Thanks so much.

Actually, love and money make the world go ’round, or at least keep NR hanging ’round so it can fight those critical fights, such as the current brawl against socialism, that must be at the forefront of our endeavors. Donations come in all shapes and sizes, from $5 to thousands of smackers. None too large, none too small, each and every one is vital. Without your selfless support, NR will fight (and we will, until our last corporate breath if need be) with one arm behind our back. So please, respond to this appeal so we can use both fists. Donate to the 2019 Spring Webathon. Help us sock socialism in the maw.

For those who want to help but who love to us stamps — first-class is now $.55, so how about using a $.44 Kate Smith stamp and one of these and one of these — and mail your selfless, kind, and deeply appreciated contribution (made payable to “National Review”) to National Review, ATTN: Spring 2019 Webathon, 19 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036.

Members of the National Review editorial and operational teams are included under the umbrella “NR Staff.”

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