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It Is Official: Blix Is From a Different Planet

Read this and let the ground-shaking stupidity sink in. Let the fact that many respected people in America and the larger “international community” wanted to put the decision of whether the US should or shouldn’t go to war into the hands of this man:

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – Chief U.N. inspector Hans Blix said on Tuesday he doubted Iraq (news – web sites) would use chemical or biological weapons in a war with a U.S.-led coalition because world opinion would turn against Baghdad if such weapons were used.

Here are the relevant quotes:

“I think it is unlikely they will do that because I think world public opinion, which they study quite a lot, is in large measure feeling that going to war is too early, Blix said. “So there is a fair amount of skepticism about armed action.”

“That skepticism would turn immediately around, if they used chemical weapons or biological weapons,” he said. “My guess is they would not.”

If we need to give this the piñata treatment, we can. But I think it speaks for itself.


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