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It Is, Perhaps, the End of the Beginning

I can’t believe this day is here, but after over two years working for NRO I’m moving on. To say that these last two years at NRO have been a wonderful experience would be a big understatement. I can’t begin to catalog the things I’ve learned, great relationships cultivated with my co-workers and readers, along with all the other wonderful experiences I’ve had.

And the last two years have been one heck of a time to be at NRO. There was the election — including the Obama campaign, Mike Huckabee, the Democratic convention and Sarah Palin; there was an insane plot to dragoon Mark Steyn into court for the crime of having an opinion; I. F. Stone turned out to be a commie spy like we’d suspected all along; Chris Dodd still hasn’t released his mortgage paperwork; and I barely survived an attempt to watch Al Gore’s Live Earth concert. And so much more . . .

So a hearty thanks to Rich and Kathryn in particular, along with everyone else at NR including Kate, Ramesh, April, Jim, John, Ed, Jason, Greg, Stephen, Jonah, Jack, Mike, Jay, Kevin, Robert, Galina, Peter, Andy, Emily, Duncan, Nicole, and everyone else not mentioned.

Alas, even the best things come to an end. Look for me next week in the pages of the Washington Examiner — and if all goes well, you should see me pop-up around here again from time to time. In the meantime, follow me on Twitter if you want to know what I’m up to. Thanks again; my time here really has been amazing.


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