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It Took These Leaders Present in Paris Three Days to Start Criminalizing Speech Again

After world leaders gathered this weekend, alongside millions of Frenchmen, to honor the memory of people killed by terrorists who want to frighten people into never airing antagonistic speech, two of those leaders’ governments are cracking down on antagonistic speech.

Out of France:

More on the inquiry into Dieudonné, a French comedian with a viciously anti-Semitic streak, here.

And in Turkey, which sent President Erdogan, no friend of free speech for some time, to the Paris rally:

The “check,” according to Cumhuriyet, amounted to police stopping delivery trucks as they drove out the paper’s new issue, to see if it included, as rumored, Mohammed cartoons from Charlie Hebdo. The Turkish paper, which is associated with Turkey’s secular Kemalist tradition, had threatened to print the cartoons.

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