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‘It’s an Argument’

The recent Helen Thomas flap put a reader of ours in mind of Mike Wallace — who interviewed Ahmadinejad in 2006. Wallace then had an interview with Sean Hannity. Hannity thought that Ahmadinejad was kind of . .. you know, Hitler-like. Because he talks about wiping Israel off the map and all. But Wallace would have none of it. I will quote a transcript excerpt found here:

Wallace: “Yes, he says wipe off the map, and of course I asked him over and over about that. He says in effect, hey, it’s perfectly sensible to do . . . pardon me. It’s perfectly sensible for them, and I’m not quoting directly, obviously, because I don’t have the translation in front of me, to . . . for them to . . . it’s perfectly sensible, if there is a Holocaust, and let’s buy the fact that there was a Holocaust. Where did the Holocaust take place? Did it take place in an Arab neighborhood? Did it take place in Jerusalem? No. It took place in Germany. Then it seems to me, under those circumstances, take Israel, the Zionist entity, he called it, move it to Germany.”

Hannity: “Do you agree with him?”

Wallace: “Move it to the United States.”

Hannity: “Do you think that’s a legitimate argument?”

Wallace: “It’s an argument. I’m not a commentator. You are.”

Right, right. Hey, does anyone realize that Israel is the ancient homeland of the Jews? Has everyone on the planet bought the Obama argument — the one he articulated in his Address to the Muslim World, delivered in al-Cahara, or Cairo, or whatever you want to call it — that Israel was a consolation prize for the Holocaust, pure and simple? Does anyone know jack squat about Zionism?

Strange times, unnerving times.


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