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It’s Bill Nelson

A reader points out:

K-Lo: Obama’s running mate will be Bill Nelson. Go to and see what’s there. Now go to Now check out is the Obama website. Of course, redirects to …. anyone could do that …. Another reader points out:

both domains ( and are registered to the same person, so whoever redirected the Obama/Nelson domain isn’t just “anybody”. Either it’s a headfake for the techno-savvy or Nelson’s the guy.

UPDATE: NEVERMIND …. now it’s going to MSNBC. Someone’s having a little fun this afternoon.

UPDATE: Ha! is redirecting me to MSNBC’s website….which might as well confirm an Obama-Nelson ticket.  

UPDATE: It seems like an old story. ZZZZ. Can we end the suspense now? It’s way past Friday bad-news dump time. Text me, Barry! 


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