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“It’S Complicated”

Dianne Feinstein, on the Senate floor right now, says the Unborn Victims of Violence act is a “bill [that] covers children that are not children.” A couple that struggles to get pregnant, however, considers that child a child, the moment they find out they’re pregnant. If, God forbid, that women is killed by a drunk driver on the way to a celebratory dinner, announcing the pregnancy to her family, would Senator Feinstein really want to tell the grieving family that the mother, was not a mother, but a women with a cell or two she was getting prematurely excited about?

Feinstein says she opposes (and she obviously does) and is infuriated by the murder of a pregnant women and her viable child. She says, about the UVVA:”It’s complicated…because the definition that we are working from gives rights at the point of conception.”

Not to be naive here, but how can “women’s groups” and “feminists” hold that position? Perhaps its because they are not “feminists” or “women’s groups.” They are abortion lobbyists.


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