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It’s Increasingly Clear Biden Doesn’t Really Want to Run, Huh?

Politico’s morning newsletter notes, “Some close to the V.P. had thought he’d make a decision during time with his family in Delaware this weekend, but he didn’t. Now, advisers are saying the real, real, real deadline is the end of the month, because of ballot-access requirements in November. But an ally warns: ‘Events could overtake him.’”

The behavior of unmarried men is on my mind, so let’s look back to an old observation about men in longtime relationships without a proposal: When a guy wants to get married, he proposes. He doesn’t sit around for long stretches putting off doing something he wants to do.

You know what a guy does when he wants to run for president? He declares he’s running for president!

Based on this, it seems safe to conclude that Joe Biden doesn’t really want to run for president. That doesn’t guarantee that he won’t run, but it certainly reduces the likelihood of a Biden bid.


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