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It’s That Man Again

Watching the BBC clip of Clinton with Dimbleby (who is a media lefty from

Central Casting, btw — at any rate, well into the 1980s he was making TV

documentaries based on a strong form of the USA-USSR moral-equivalence

argument) & the news clips of the boyo doing his book thing, I was reminded

of how utterly immune I am to the Clinton charm. I just don’t get it, and

never have. From the time I first set eyes on Clinton, I knew this was a

guy I would not trust to mail a letter — just an obvious liar and fudger, a

fundamentally frivolous person with no values and a mish-mosh of half-baked

lefty ideas that he sort of believed in for their sentimental appeal, and

because the people around him believed them. Yet people still tell me — a

conservative acquaintance told me just yesterday — “you have to see past

the charm…” No, I don’t. What charm? I am, always have been, and always

will be, utterly uncharmed by Clinton. He’s just an awful person, a nasty

person, who treats other people abominably. And it’s obvious. Isn’t it?


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