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It’s Morning in America!: The Great Hope of Dobbs Is a Beautiful Challenge to Us All

The weather was so beautiful outside the Supreme Court. I don’t know how many of us got out there bright and early to secure our spots for the pro-life rally organized by the Mississippi Attorney General’s office (who are just lovely people, based on my interactions). Hope was palpable where I was. Students for Life of America have talked for a while about a post-Roe America, and it is undeniably a possibility today. In remarks I gave today, I talked about the love women desire that some of the pro-life resources help provide. I specifically talked about the Sisters of Life who love women and girls back to life. I didn’t even get into their post-abortion healing work. My remarks are here. I’ll have more to say after some interviews. I was just incredibly encouraged after more than a quarter-century of pro-life work. We may be about to turn a page. There is a lot more work to be done, but today’s proceedings should impress upon everyone who would like to see less abortion in America that we have to step up to the challenge of making sure women and girls — and men and boys — know that parenthood is possible, and rewarding. We should not be ashamed of adoption. Abortion needs to be implausible. The pro-life movement needs to inundate the country with the love it represents.

What a powerful morning we had in America today!


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