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It’s My Party and I’ll Try If I Want To

An e-mail from Spanish Fork, Utah:

I and my four small children are going to a Tax Day Tea Party Rally

today.  I am going not only for my children and (future)

grandchildren, but for myself–at 33, I’m still pretty young, and I

know that the runaway spending and good-intentioned waste going on in

Washington are going to have a detrimental effect on my life.  I agree

with healthcare reform, but I don’t agree with (a) the encroachment of

the federal government in our lives; (b) the underhanded, shoddy, and

shady way the Reform Bill was passed; and (c) the expense and effects

on small business it will have.  I am still angry about TARP and the

stimulus bill.

Although I can’t do much (see above about four small children, number

five is expected in August), I am trying to do whatever I can.  That

means participating in my local caucus, donating what little I can to

the candidates and parties I believe in (and to NRO!), and trying to

teach my kiddos about self-reliance, charity, and good governance.

And going to this rally today.

Thanks for all the information you all provide; it helps my husband

and me stay informed and interested.  Have a marvelous April Thursday!

 (It’s gorgeous here in Utah County, I imagine the turnout will be



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