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It’s Not 1910 Anymore

Just got finished taping an episode of the PBS show “Uncommon Knowledge

with The Corner’s own Peter Robinson as host

and Tamar Jacoby as the other guest. Peter will know when it’s supposed to

air. As usual, Tamar was gracious and the discussion was delightful — but

I never cease to be amazed at how the high-immigration side blissfully

dismisses the assimilation implications of the fundamental changes that our

society has undergone since the cultural revolution of the ’60s.

Multiculturalism is deeply rooted in every institution of our society –

every school, every church, every daycare denter, every corporate human

resources department — and we face a long, twilight struggle to root it

out. How can we justify admitting 1.5 million immigrants, legal and

illegal, each year?


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