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It’s Not An Indian Fight

From another reader:

That Army guy’s comment was inappropriate- the Indians were not unified and not fighting a religious war, they were fighting an invading force of Europeans and eventually Americans bent on taking their territory from them and in the process committed genocide- we are not trying to seize Iraq or eliminate all Arabs or Muslims in the process. Referring to the extended bloody wars waged against native Americans in the formation of this nation is not right. I should think you would not want Muslims to think that is what America is doing in fighting the terrorists. BTW- your army guy should look up, scalping was not a practice largely practiced by Indians but the Spanish, also might want to look up where the term Redskins come from and why lots of native Americans legitimately think having football teams named after the term is wrong. I would hope that Muslims don’t think we are trying to wipe them all out so we can have the DC islamists team one day or the Jeep Iraqi.


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