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It’s Not Obamacare, It’s “the Nixon Plan”

Jim Geraghty writes about the desperate attempts by Obamacare supporters to blame Republicans for the debacle. That reminded me of a recent Huffington Post entry by Robert Reich that made me laugh out loud. Obamacare shouldn’t be thought of as the president’s plan. No, it’s the “Nixon Plan”! From his post:

In February 1974, Republican President Richard Nixon proposed, in essence, today’s Affordable Care Act. Under Nixon’s plan all but the smallest employers would provide insurance to their workers or pay a penalty, an expanded Medicaid-type program would insure the poor, and subsidies would be provided to low-income individuals and small employers. Sound familiar?

Private insurers were delighted with the Nixon plan but Democrats preferred a system based on Social Security and Medicare, and the two sides failed to agree.

Previously, Reich has called ACA ”important” and the president’s “singular contribution.” Now, not so much.

Obamacare is really in trouble when the left feels the need to blame it on Richard Nixon.

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