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It’s Only Human

When you look at abortion as a human-rights issues, which it is, this, sent to me by an anti-Rudy conservative, does leave you troubled:

Giuliani presidential campaign 1860:

CNN (Confederate News Network) interview:

GIULIANI: I’m in the same position I was 12 years ago when I ran for mayor, which is personally opposed to slavery, hate it, would advise that you hire someone rather than have a slave.

But it’s your choice. It’s an individual right. You get to make that choice. I don’t think society should be putting you in jail for it.

BASH: You will appoint strict constructionist judges.

GIULIANI: Not necessarily that reason. I generally, that’s my philosophy. It’s the only way i can really see that we protect the separation of powers, personal liberties and by judges, i mean judges who will interpret the meaning of the constitution, not create it.

BASH: Many see that as code meaning it he is saying he wants to overturn Dred Scot.

GIULIANI: Dana, i don’t wink and nod. I’m a direct person. I tell people what i think.

BASH: What’s the direct answer.

GIULIANI: The direct answer is a strict constructionist judge can look at it and say wrongly decided, 3 years ago, we’ll overturn it.

BASH: What’s your personal view.

GIULIANI: They can look at it and say it’s been the law for this period of time. Therefore, we’re going to respect the precedent, conservatives can come to that conclusion, as well. I’d leave it up to them. Not have a litmus test on that. My overall view, judge who are going to struggle with the meaning of the constitution. And that applies to criminal justice issues, an applies to terrorism issues to whole host of issues to the second amendment and the individual right to bear arms. It’s a whole group of issues.

BASH: One last question on slavery. You might have heard of u tube. There’s something on u tube from 1848. It’s flying around the internet. It’s a clip of you.

GIULIANI: There must be public fund for slaves for poor people. We cannot deny people the right to make their own decision about slavery because they lack resources. I have also stated that I disagree with president’s veto last week of public funds for slavery.

BASH: Is that also you’re going to be your position as president.

GIULIANI: Probably. I have to re-examine all those issues and what was at stake there. Slavery is wrong. Generally, that’s my view, slavery shouldn’t happen. Personally, you should counsel people to that extent. Ultimately, it’s a constitutional right and therefore, if it’s a constitutional right ultimately, you have to make sure that people are protected.

BASH: So you support taxpayer money or public funds for slavery in some cases?

GIULIANI: If it would deprive someone of a constitutional right, yes. If that’s the status of the law, then I would, yes.

As Sam Brownback might say, that sure ain’t William Wilberforce .

(Okay, so I’ve never heard Brownback say “sure ain’t,” but…)

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