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It’s the Other Button I’m Worried About

Newt’s not getting a lot of love from his former colleagues:

Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill are nervous about Newt Gingrich’s rise in the polls, with one member saying, “Newt’s hand is always six inches from the self-destruct button.”

The legislator, who served with Gingrich in the House, is one of many who are concerned the Georgia Republican will capture the 2012 presidential nomination. …

Gingrich this spring infuriated many Republicans in Congress when he blasted Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-Wis.) Medicare reform plan. 

Ryan, who has not yet backed a candidate for president, responded, “With allies like that, who needs the left?”

If Gingrich is the nominee, barring a dead girl or live boy in the Lincoln Bedroom, Obama wins. However hard he tries, he can’t stop being Newt. And that’s not someone middle-of-the-road Obama voters now suffering buyer’s remorse are going to vote for. (And no, this has nothing to do with immigration, I’m not being paid by the Romney campaign, and I didn’t get marching orders from Kathryn.)


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