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It’s Sunday

…at the Hotel Faena in BA, so the business center is closed. So I´m blogging this on a wireless computer the staff loaned me. Did I say the staff was helpful?

Did I say Argentinians in general are gregarious and friendly? But they do have certain sins.

1. Smoke. They smoke in restaurants and other public places. <not everyone, but the tobacconist minority is unrestricted.

2. Meat. I know the answer to Walter Mondale´s question to Gary Hart. The beef is here, in Argentina.

3. Leather. The slaughter of animals does not stop there. Their hidees become wallets, shoes, belts, coats. A popular creature, alas for it, is the capybara, the worlds largest rodent.

4. Fur. Same thing. Not a PETA place.

5. Spike heels and other stigmata of pre-feminism are much in evidence.

I will watch carefully for other political stories as they develope.


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