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It’s The United States Military, Not a Safe and Easy Scholarship Fund

The story of Michelle Witmer, who died in IRaq on National Guard deployment, and her two sisters, also deployed is a sad one. Sad, because a young life has been lost, of course, But also sad because someone didn’t realize what the three girls were signing up for. One wonders if the U.S. military, in seeking to fill quotas, were all that honest about a) what signing up would mean b) about what being a potentially deployed women would mean c) what having three sisters potentially deployed somewhere would be d) what being a political pawn for feminists would entail….

Witmer said he worried about his daughters joining the military but felt at the time that duty with the National Guard would be relatively safe, especially with a military police unit. The Witmers also have two sons.

“My daughters wanted the freedom of being able to call their shots with their education,” he said. “They were using that to go to school.”


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