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It’s a Wonderful Life

Christmas Day, 6:30 pm. Just woke from a doze on the sofa, brought on

(doze, not sofa) by a surfeit of Pennsylvania Dutch brandy-fortified egg

nog. Nice log fire burning. From the kitchen, wonderful dinner-soon smells

wafting. The Christmas Tree is all lit up. Next to it is Nellie Muriel,

aged 9, Princess of my heart, frowning with concentration as she tries to

master one of the tricks in the magic kit she got for Christmas. Boris is

curled up on the floor by the sofa–he likes to keep an eye on me when I

doze. From upstairs, the beep and whistle of Danny Oliver, aged 7, playing

a computer game. The weather outside is frightful, but here in my castle is

all tranquillity and warmth. I am happy.

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