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New Anti-Trump Super PAC Ad Highlights the Donald’s Bizarre Comments about His Daughter

You’ve got to hand it to libertarian political consultant Liz Mair: She has guts. She’s also edgy. Mair, whose super PAC Make America Awesome caused a Donald Trump meltdown when it spent just $300 to run an ad featuring semi-nude photos of Trump’s wife Melania, as a way to turn off Mormon voters in Utah, now is running a radio ad in New York that might make Trump go full-on Hiroshima.

Called “Stupid Stuff,” the ad replays, yes, some of the really stupid or embarrassing things Trump has said through the years. One of the stupidest is when Trump said in a debate last summer that American “wages are too high.” For some reason, that remark hasn’t received the play it deserves.

But what will get all the attention is what the ad starts with: two of the occasions where Trump has said his daughter Ivanka is so hot that he would date her if she weren’t, well, you know, his daughter. A nude wife and a date with his hot daughter: Gotta love those family values.

Of course, in context, Mair’s point is not about Trump bragging about his daughter, but about how much of a loose cannon he is, how embarrassing, and how unpredictably unstable not just in his words but in his actions. Those are all valid points.

It remains to be seen if Trump will take the bait. Judging from how he reacted to the nude Melania ad — by attacking the wife of Ted Cruz, who has nothing to do with the ad — then maybe Cruz’ adorable daughters should be prepared for some blowback.

Or maybe not even Trump is quite that stupid.


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