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I’ve Fallen and I Can Get Up

One of the oddest things to me is when people are shocked when someone who professes to be Christian or otherwise religious does something wrong. The whole point, of course, of Christianity, is that we are fallen and in need of redemption. The Christian wants to be a saint, but will still struggle and fail — seek forgiveness and try again. Again and again. 

Which is why I really appreciated getting a copy of Lino Rulli’s new book, Sinner

It takes one to know one and help one.

Here’s my just-posted  Q&A with him if you’re interested.

It’s the type of book that can be a great little help. And it joins a bookshelf of recent books by men on faith (thinking Metaxas  and Fr. Barron and Lieberman and Simon and Novak and Swaim and Bennett — all very different — and so many more).