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Ix-Nay On The Elsea-Chay

It’s bad enough to have to watch Hillary plug the new paperback edition with Larry King. (“Cleveland, hello, you’re kissing Hillary Clinton’s ring.”) Did CNN have to follow-up with Rep. Jane Harman (Bill Bennett’s dark horse for the veep spot) telling King how amazing Chelsea has turned out, what great parenting she received?

Repeat after me: it is unfair to declare the press off limits to this teenager/young adult for eight years and more, killing the chance of any critical articles a la Dubya’s Tequila Twins, and then turn around and exclaim about her model (censored) behavior as a way of puffing her parents as wonderful people. If they were such wonderful parents, maybe they would have stayed in Arkansas, or skipped the intern Olympics.

Chelsea may be a doll. She may also be a drunk. (I bought the Globe — the supermarket tabloid, not the Boston bulletin board for liberals — with Chelsea looking quite kablooey on the cover, since it was a refreshing step away from the Model Child propaganda.) My distaste really has nothing to do with her, but about the manipulated image of her for her parents’ never-ending political ends.

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