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Jack Jones School of Fundraising

Ah yes, the great voice (dig him from the cornball Love Boat Theme to Roses and Lollipops) is also known is some for his swingin’ You’d Better Love Me. I find the lyrics applicable in this NRO fundraising week.

You'd better love me while you may

Tomorrow I may fly away

I want your gentle touch …

O.K., NRO is not going to fly away. We’re still flapping these right wings and soaring to new heights — but of course we can’t do that without the generosity of our regular readers. That “gentle touch” which many have kindly given. I’d like to think a lot more of you who find NRO inspiring, required reading, and central to our conservative mission will do the same. We truly need your help.

Back to Jack:

You'd better love me while I'm here

I have been known to disappear

So, don't let this miracle melt away …

Lots of media entities are disappearing. Giants once awash in cash and ads are now – gone. But little old hand-to-mouth NR: We have fought these financial battles for 50 years now, and thanks to the generosity of our readers, we have survived and we thrive. But as we don’t have the luxury of paying new bills with spent dollars, we once again come to you and ask for help, and croon the tune of prudence: just to be on the safe side, love NRO while  it is here so we don’t ever have to worry about that melt away.

Make your donation to NRO here.

And now, if you prefer Lena Horne to Jack Jones, may I suggest her version of “You’d Better Love Me”? Man is she fantastic.

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