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Jackson in Plea Discussion

Today in news that should not be surprising to anyone ever, Jesse Jackson Jr. is in plea deal talks with federal agents, according to the Chicago Sun-Times’ sources. That can tend to happen when you spent $40,000 of your campaign money to buy a Rolex for a friend of the female persuasion and use more of your funds to decorate your sweet digs in D.C. Scandal is nothing new to Jackson, though. As the Sun-Times points out, his name also came up in the Blagojevich scandal, though charges were never pressed.

This gives us a nice opportunity to pause and spend a moment remembering the laughably high levels of corruption in Illinois and Chicago politics. The University of Illinois released a report early this year concluding that the Windy City was the country’s most corrupt federal jurisdiction. And Chicago Mag did an extensive investigation of the often-cozy relationships between gang leaders and aldermen that makes for good Friday afternoon perusing.

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