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Jacobin Versus Jacobite: The End

Okay, as I expected, I have now received some 20 to 30 emails for and against the Jacobins. If you’ll go back and read my posts, however, you will see that I never really took sides on the issue. I merely posted reader email. Why so many people think that posting someone’s email means I endorse the content of that email remains a mystery to me.

I was hoping that the subject of Jacobites would have enticed the Brits Derb and Stuttaford (former Brits, whatever they want to be called) into the Corner. Alas, it was not to be. Regardless, I stumbled into this whole squirrels nest a long time ago. I accidentally said Cosmo didn’t like Jacobite squirrels and it set of a firestorm among people who really need to update their bed time reading. Here’s the column where I first addressed the issue. Scroll down to the subhead “The Jewish Afterlifes & Jacobite Squirrels.”

Anyway, I knew the moment I’d said anything about Jacobites, we could get the whole thing going again. But now, I think we can — or at least should — put it to rest again for a while.


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