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James Carville Winces

Kudos to ABC for augmenting the fawning coverage of Clinton’s mammoth book with some of the Clinton women tonight. (You’d almost expect the promos to say: “Get an update on the Trash for Cash ladies!”) Paula Jones told Primetime’s Cynthia McFadden about the VRWC: “I agree that I was a small little entity in this big vast whatever-you-want-to-call-it that got erected.” That seems to capture the real Paula Jones in one sentence. She wasn’t interested in a VRWC. She wanted to let Clinton know that his abuse of power to get sex “just because he could” should have consequences. Paula will also talk about whether she “feels sorry” for Hillary. Nope.

But if the web story is any indication, expect some Clinton spin to be resurrected alongside these women. “Clinton denies sexually harassing Jones. The suit was dismissed. Jones appealed, and in November 1998, Clinton paid her $850,000 to settle the suit.” On Gennifer Flowers, the best we get is “Clinton later admitted her allegations were at least partially true.”

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