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Krauthammer’s Take: Condoleezza Rice for FBI Director

In a segment where panelists made their picks for who should replace James Comey at the FBI, Charles Krauthammer chose Condoleezza Rice:

Now I know that’s out-of-the-box, you could say I’m out of my mind, but I don’t think you need a history in law enforcement. The one thing you’ve got to have here is a sense of integrity. Unimpeachable integrity. She is obviously very skilled at many things. She goes all the way back, to Scowcroft and national-security agencies. She also happens to know a lot about the Russians. She could read the alleged collusion documents in the original Russian if necessary. But you want somebody from the outside who will simply stand for probity. I think she does.

Now, I don’t think she wants the job. I wouldn’t really want to blame her for that. I think one thing you could do is have her stay a year or two or until the Russian mess is cleared up, until they’ve come to a conclusion, and then she’d go on to be the commissioner of the NFL.

BAIER: That’s very possible. That’s really what she wants to do — and play golf.

KRAUTHAMMER: I think it would be a good way to work up to that.

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