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James Woods’s Emmy Clincher

I saw a few scenes from ER last night. I was encouraged that Dr. Lockhart was trying to convince her old teacher to fight for his life–he wanted to die. He was played by James Woods and will undoubtedly get an Emmy nod for the performance. He will win. Wanna know why? Here are details from a reader who was watching:

Okay, not sure why I subject myself to this stuff, but I watched ER again last night. The episode starred James Woods as a brilliant scientist/professor suffering from Lou Gehrigs disease. The episode begins with him coming into the ER in the advanced stages of the disease and tells his story in reverse through flashbacks. Each flashback goes back a few years at a time showing the degeneration in reverse. I just knew in my gut as the episode went on that the entire point of the episode was to make a political statement regarding stem cell research. And of course, the liberal agenda driven entertainment industry didn’t let me down. About 45 minutes into the episode there is a flashback to 2001, when James Woods’ character falls down some stairs and has to go to the ER to have a broken wrist treated. He of course is resistant to the various types of treatments that will prolong his life but will also result in his becoming an invalid when one of the doctors says “you must have…” and James Woods finishes the sentence like this “…hope? I must have hope? Haven’t you heard? Bush just cut federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.”

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