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Pro-Choice Movement Cheers for Jane Doe’s Successful Abortion

It’s time to pop the champagne, folks. The ACLU is declaring victory this morning, announcing that justice has prevailed for Jane Doe, an illegal-immigrant minor in U.S. custody who has received the abortion procedure she requested.

This is what our most powerful public voices choose to celebrate – that a minor has finally been permitted to execute her innocent unborn child. But we’re being asked to do more than simply dance on this child’s grave. We are told to call it justice.

Jane Doe has been the favored victim of the left for the last week or so. She is a 17-year-old undocumented immigrant currently being held in a U.S. detention center. She also happens to be pregnant — or she was, until this morning.

We have been told that this young woman has to this point been cruelly forced to carry her pregnancy to term, deprived of autonomy and her civil rights by the evil, pro-life Trump administration. Feminist writer Jill Filipovic informed us on Monday that the situation was even more dire than we might think:

If the pro-life forces currently forcing Jane to continue her pregnancy against her will have their way, we will all be Jane Does: not human beings deciding what goes on in our own uteruses, but incubators for a myopic and misogynist dogma.

Measured dialogue, indeed. Meanwhile, New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman announced that he would lead 14 state attorneys general in support of Jane’s abortion rights by filing an amicus brief in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, where her case was being considered. (She sued for the right to leave the detention facility where she is being held, so that she could obtain an abortion.) The court ended up deciding in Jane’s favor yesterday, allowing her to receive the abortion procedure this morning.

This gruesome debacle has ended in the worst possible way: with the death of an unborn child. In the process of this ugly debate and in the wake of its sad conclusion, we have once again been exposed to the abhorrent beliefs lurking beneath the pleasant exterior of so many in the pro-abortion movement. This movement has claimed for decades to be respectably moderate, to truthfully dislike abortion, to want abortion to be “safe, legal, and rare,” to support reasonable abortion restrictions and limitations. But the reaction to Jane’s abortion campaign shows that all of these claims are nothing more than empty posturing, designed to disguise a hideous truth: that unlimited abortion-on-demand is seen by the Left not only as a policy goal but as the fullest expression of true freedom and justice.

Left-wing celebrity Alyssa Milano on Sunday declared, “Preventing an immigrant woman from getting an abortion is a war on women, immigrants, and children. #JusticeForJane.” When it comes to abortion, the Left has evidently entered a frighteningly amoral parallel universe. Limiting abortion rights is now considered a war on children. What could possibly be more of a war on children than a policy stance that allows them to be killed on a whim to accommodate the desires of their parents? But preventing their deaths is now considered the real war.

When news broke this morning that Jane had in fact obtained an abortion, abortion supporters fell over themselves to be the first to cheer her on. “Good. It’s a woman’s constitutional right,” Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards tweeted in response to the news. From abortion-lobbying group NARAL: “This is great news for Jane Doe — sending her support and healing thoughts today. . . . We’re thrilled #JusticeForJane was served.”

“BREAKING: Justice prevailed today for Jane Doe. She was able to get an abortion early this morning,” the American Civil Liberties Union announced. Other public voices on the left followed suit, issuing remarks that sounded far too celebratory, the deathly inverse of the customary congratulations offered in response to a pregnancy announcement.

Every single one of these cheery tweets was underscored by the hashtag “JusticeForJane.” This is perhaps the most despicable thing about this entire ordeal — that justice in our modern world demands the blood of an innocent child. We have reached the point in the abortion debate where it is not only socially acceptable to publicly crusade for the intentional killing of one specific unborn child, but where we are expected to applaud when that execution is carried out. How utterly shameful.


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