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More Mayer Myopia

Jane Mayer pops up with a perfect example of the tunnel vision that has marked so many during the Kavanaugh saga:

There are two options here, per Mayer:

  1. Kavanaugh lied last night.
  2. Kavanaugh lied to his roommate at Yale.

That’s it.

The third option — that his roommate is lying, or mistaken — doesn’t seem to have occurred to her. After all, the roommate is an “an award-winning history professor,” so he’s obviously intelligent, trustworthy, and a real success in life, unlike that flake Brett Kavanaugh, who ekes out a feckless existence as . . . a judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

Mayer’s narrow assumptions to one side, the two possibilities she lays out are not comparable, and do not warrant equal outrage. If Kavanaugh lied last night, that’s a real problem — disqualifying, even. If, as a college freshman, he declined to admit that he was a virgin, that’s — are we serious here?


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