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Janeane Garofalo

Remember her? Well, JR Taylor has a charming story in this week’s New York Press

“As Janeane Garofalo tells the story, she’s leaving home for the Howard Dean fundraiser when another woman is standing at the elevator. This woman looks at Garofalo’s Dean button–and another with a peace symbol–and says, “I guess I’m just a proud George Bush Republican.” And Garofalo wonders, “Why didn’t she just say, ‘I’m an a—–e?’ [offending letters deleted in the interests of respectability]

The crowd cheers, and–oh, wait. I forgot the most important part. Janeane specifically notes that the woman is just “some dogwalker who doesn’t live in the building.” Because, you know, it would be awful for Janeane Garofalo to live in the kind of building that allows Republicans.

There’s nothing elitist about the good leftists gathered for tonight’s Dean fundraiser at Avalon–and what is it about Dean’s NYC machine that keeps embracing blight? Earlier, there was Dean speaking before a backdrop of the graffiti that used to be a plague on this city. Now it’s a fundraiser at the former Limelight, which remains a disaster to both nightlifers and those who live nearby.

Then again, Dean doesn’t live in our building. “


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