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A Jaunt Around the Blogosphere

NAACP denounces critics of Obama as racist. In response, Andrew Breitbart airs footage of a black USDA official at an NAACP banquet telling a story about how she used to be racist and for that reason not help white farmers but that she isn’t racist anymore. Left immediately denounces Breitbart as racist.

Tim Fernholz insinuates that Ross Douthat is too cowardly to come out and admit he’s a racist. (Apparently, he does deserve it.)

Matt Yglesias writes that Arnold Kling might not be a racist, but he sure sounds like one.

The Daily Caller unearths leaked e-mails in which left-wing journalists discuss the pros and cons of disingenuously playing the race card against critics of Obama. Left responds: There go those crazy conservatives again! Truly, a resurgence of the paranoid style is upon us. Plus we agree that they are racists, right?

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