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Episode No. 2

Seems like such a lowly number, doesn’t it? Two. Well, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, and all that. The second episode of Jaywalking is available, here. This is an audio version of Impromptus, more or less, with added touches such as music (the playing of). Episode No. 2 is called “Meditate on This” because I play a little music from Thaïs, including the Meditation.

In the course of this little show — about 15 minutes — I talk about Fritz Kreisler and Fritz Crisler, the Viennese violinist and the Michigan football coach (named for the violinist). I talk about Nazis, Norks, slavery, and other cheerful subjects. I have some genuine cheer, too, such as the American Dream.

In any event, give a listen, and subscribe too, if you are the subscribing type.


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