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Jeane Kirkpatrick Heroine

So sad to learn of Jeane Kirkpatrick’s passing. One recalls with great affection her announcement upon taking up residence as the US ambassador to the UN that we would be taking down the “Kick me” sign from our backs.

When I was writing Useful Idiots I reread her famous Commentary article “Dictatorships and Double Standards” and was impressed again by its breadth, its learning, and its hard-headed common sense. Those were qualities Jeane possessed in abundance. She was also brave – not just in the face of abuse from America’s enemies but in the arguably more difficult fight with the State Department and White House officials.

She was, of course, completely unheralded and unappreciated by American feminists who were never really interested in the accomplishments of women but only of liberal women.

She loved her family and her country and she will be remembered as a heroine of our time.


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