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Jeb at Large

Jeb Bush (left), interviewed by Jay Nordlinger in Coral Gables, Fla., on September 21, 2018 (Kristy Campbell)

For a podcast with Jeb Bush, go here. We talked in his office yesterday, in Coral Gables, which is part of Miami. Also living in Coral Gables is an NR editor, Nick Frankovich. Talked with him, too (but no podcast, alas). Nick was in fine form, and so was Jeb. Our podcast is wide-ranging.

We start out with the Kavanaugh mess, which is on so many minds. Then we move to Hurricane Florence. What’s it like to be the governor of a state that’s hit with natural disasters? Bush was governor of Florida for two terms, remember. Lots of hurricanes in that period. You learn a lot. We then talk about political races in Florida this year: one for the U.S. Senate, one for governor.

There is broader talk of politics, too. The Dems are becoming more radical, right? And the R’s are ever more populist and nationalist. What are the prospects for conservatism? We get into education policy, a special Jeb Bush concern. And foreign policy. In Cuba, the Castros have been in power for nearly 60 years now. When will it end, and how?

We spend a good deal of time on refugees and immigrants. Related to these subjects is the question of identity: What is an American? What makes an American? Bush cites a grandchild of his, who is the great-granddaughter and grand-niece of presidents, but has blood from all over flowing through her.

Along the way, we look back on the 2016 presidential campaign and look ahead to 2020. At the end, we talk some more about family. In all of these matters — political, governmental, and personal — Jeb Bush is candid. And very interesting. People of diverse political stripes will be glad they heard him. Again, here.


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