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Jeb Bush: Defunding Obamacare ‘Dicey’ for GOP

Jeb Bush warned that congressional Republicans’ efforts to defund Obamacare could come at a high political cost for the party as the government nears the upcoming budget deadline.

“If you control one half of one-third of the levers in Washington, D.C., your ability to influence things are also relative to the fact that you have one half of one-third of the government,” the former Florida governor said at the National Press Club on Wednesday. “So as we get closer to these deadlines there needs to be an understanding of that or politically it’s quite dicey for the Republican party.”

Bush did offer a glimmer of hope for opponents of the health-care law, saying the program could “collapse under its own weight.” He urged Republicans to develop a “clear, easy-to-understand alternative” to the law to sell to the American people.


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