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Jeb Bush Helps Fight For Terri Schiavo

The Jeb Bush administration has gotten involved in the heartwrenching case of Terri Schiavo, the Florida woman set to be dehydrated come Oct. 15 (see here). In late August, Gov. Bush wrote a letter asking a judge to appoint an independent guardian for Mrs. Schiavo (her husband wants her feeding tubes to go, her parents and siblings want a shot at rehabilitating her). But yesterday, the governor filed a memo with the federal court set to hear her parents’ plea to halt the scheduled removal of her feeding tubes, issued in the interest of “ensuring that Terri Schiavo’s fundamental right to life is not deprived without due process of law.” The memo states: “The Governor submits that removal of the feeding tune without first determining by medically accepted means whether the plaintiff can ingest food and water on her own, with or without rehabilitative therapy, constitutes the deprivation of her life without due process of law.” Read the whole thing here.


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